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Market First APPs control Sound Bar Present by XRROSS LTD
model XR-206AP with APP “XRROSS 206”

XRROSS 206 allows you to gain full control over your Sound Bar system from your everyday handheld devices.

Compatible with most version(iOS4.3 or above) of iPhone , IPod Touch and iPad, XR-206AP App upgrades your driving experience and enhance entertainment experience with a fitness-for-use features. With colorful, sharp, clear and attractive button icons, automatic User Interface switching at home, single click and finger gestures, its a totally different user experience and convenient in driving environment.

The app allows control through AUX in cable and Bluetooth, user would be able to enjoy a brand new and innovative control method via this app. It enables you to control the Sound Bar system with 1 finger! This apps interface is simple, clear and easy to understand.

You can control the radio system, USB, SD card, AUX in audio, speaker settings(Golden Position, Treble and Bass) and make phone calls. You dont need to press any buttons on the Sound Bar system or using any other remote controls. With iOS devices, its perfect for easy access at home!

The XR-206AP App is a free app created by XRROSS LTD and powered by XRROSS technology . In the coming future, more and more Sound Bar systems would be able to use XRROSSs app to control. Lets keep an eye on our products in the coming future!

Special Features:

• Compatible with version (iOS4.3 or above) of iPhone , IPod Touch and iPad,
• Colorful, sharp, and easy-learning user interface
• Using AUX in cable or Bluetooth to control
• Quick radio controls, USB, SD card, aux-in and sound settings
• Hands-free function to ensure enjoying music while making phone calls